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So here it is

Welcome to the community!

This is a place to share any news you think would be cool for other 'geeks'. Geek being an all encompassing, "I think for myself, I don't let others make up my mind, I like computers, discussing stuff, and being intelligent" term, rather than the degoritory playground version.
I've personally been collecting this stuff and posting it in another journal for months, and decided to go one better, cause it's fun to discuss this stuff.
So feel free to post to the comm with anything you've spotted, and share stuff with others.

Couple of rules:
  1. If you've got more than one 'piece' to post, please seperate them into seperate posts.
  2. Try to keep the headlines on the posts honest - if people are skimming for stuff, it's easier to decide if something is worth reading by title. PLEASE don't (no subject) stuff.
  3. Stick anything really long under a cut :)
  4. Respect everyone's opinion, cause all opinions are, technically valid.

If I can help you with anything, let me know :)

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